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These locations were often used for negotiations, shady deals, meetings, fights, murders, kidnappings, or imprisonment… Well, this was truly a suitable place indeed for meeting with a high-ranked member of a terrorist organization like the Messengers. Seiji then heard footsteps as a dark gray shadowy figure walked into the factory.

Seiji cautiously walked into the factory and looked around. This person was wearing gray long pants and a black hoodie with the hood up.

"First, I need to establish a theme for the female lead.

'Well, he decided against saying anything else and played some cards…One hour later, Seiji's cell phone rang.

He immediately used the program and brought out a circular target. It soon reached the size of a baseball, before it started glowing and flew out from his hand. * It hit the target with the sharp, whip-like sound of something blunt and heavy colliding with an object fast and hard.

His own half-hearted refusal seemed far too shameless to Seiji. He put away the cards and then answered the call."It really was so difficult." Kamitani sighed.

" Mika was now the one who was rendered speechless. He intended to try out the power of his new spell [Mana Bullet].

"After all, I'm the female lead, so shouldn't the female lead receive all these grand advantages? "Of course, these advantages don't mean that the story needs to be smooth sailing for the female lead, otherwise it'll be too boring. He opened the door with the key that Natsuya had given him and went to the secret underground practice field.

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