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However once she realized her feelings for Kei - she stood by him.Considering there are MANY other stories where the heroine actually questions the main guy, this was refreshing and nice that she believed in him and stood her ground. Kei is so soft and cute for the main guy, as well as the heroine. The smut was nice - and honestly for the rate of how short it was, it was good.Just as long as you keep in mind that it'll be fast paced.

Since particularly at least up to chapter two - there isn't much known about the warden, it' hard for me to find the many smut scenes hot.

However considering that she had stronger feelings for Kei since the start - I thought in this case it was fine.

On top of that the guy she was with was a total honest I would warn that the guy she was first dating, might be triggering to some people since he does forcibly make her do some acts that and again spoiling, but there is attempted rape as well as molestation :( which leads to why she probably seemed meek/going with the flow.

If you're into all that and okay though, this is for you.

I do give it props for the TYPE of various smut scenes that I did see though.

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