Dating polokwane

The Bird of Prey Centre in this Limpopo city has many species including the fastest - the Peregrine Falcon.

Visitors to this area in Limpopo, South Africa, can enjoy the friendly village atmosphere (Haenertsburg), indigenous forests, waterfalls, birdlife and even see rare Samango Monkeys that thrive in this environment.

Polokwane is situated 1 200m above sea level and the diverse landscape makes it an ecotourism hub.

The discovery of world renowned archaeological sites, the Transfrontier Park, and game reserves attract tourists from around the world throughout the year.

Meropa Entertainment World and Casino in Polokwane offers a variety of attractions and facilities for all round fun.

There is a Cultural Fair and Market with fabulous art and craft, an Amphitheatre, Magic-Speedway for go carting, Mini-Golf, as well as wildlife encounters.

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