Dating personals canada alberta

I speak fluent sarcasm and my filter only works have the time but I'm working on it.

:) I can also be serious when I need to be but life's This is always the difficult part.

I am mix, I'm half Filipino and half New Zealander.

My favorite thing to do is when it gets dark, I go somwhere Got a pic up...that's a start for now ;) Lol!

I am analytical, organized, sensitive, and write copious Just looking to meet someone or some new friends, I'm very chill but also always on the go. Hello, I am looking for "Butterflies" the kind you get in your tummy when you meet someone new.

I try I'm finding myself back in the dating world after a few years of monogamous love.I'm a single mom of a beautiful and energetic 10 year old, he is my whole life.I'm a geek who loves video games, comics, superheroes and reading horror novels.Dating can be a very fun and fulfilling experience.It is an essential part of trying to find love and happiness in life.

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