Dating paiste cymbals

In the late 1950s, the company develops the Formula 602 from traditional 20% Bronze, a cymbal line rooted in Jazz and acoustic Rock’n Roll that exhibits a cool, rich, sophisticated sound character and gains PAISTE its first wave of international notoriety.

PAISTE then discovers and experiments with Cu Sn8 bronze alloy, and pioneers cymbals from the new alloy in the mid 1960s.

Drummers like John Bonham, with his thunderous power and groundbreaking style, or Carl Palmer with his dazzling speed and drumming technique, and Ian Paice with his crisp, tight, and powerful playing style are inspired by and bring out the best in 2002 cymbals.

Throughout the 1970s, Rock’s popularity explodes, draws ever larger crowds, and embraces the diversity created through the 1960s.

Artists like Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, and ZZ Top add depth, color and diversity to the genre, and lay the foundation for the development of the counterculture inspired Psychedelic Rock – championed by Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream.

2002 cymbals helped define the sound and music of generations of drummers, and for them, the 2002 is a legendary piece of music history.

For us, “2002” has become synonymous with a family of series: the .

The SABIAN Education Network will help you become a better educator, get more students, and exchange ideas with drum teachers worldwide.

is one of the most successful and long-lasting musical instrument brands ever.

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