Dating older guy bad

If you think that older men are mild-mannered and noble-minded, you are mistaken.

When everything is okay, they are great, but when the situation goes out of their control and it comes about divorce, then these, at first glance, peaceful creatures turn into cruel beasts ready to do anything for the sake of their interests and prosperity.

According to a recent AARP poll, one-sixth of women in their 50s, in fact, prefer men in their 40s.If you decide to enter into a relationship with an older man, sooner or later, you will have to invite him to your house.If you try to cover up your relationship or conceal his real age, you will make a big mistake because lies always give rise to conflicts and resentment.The intensity of the problem depends on the age difference.If this difference is significant, then there is a high probability that partners will never reach harmony and mutual understanding because they talk to each other in two different languages.

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