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In the latter part of 1911 a 12 size model with spread dial, making the watch know as the twelve by fourteen size, was brought out and at once attracted the attention of the public as a very desirable timepiece for critical, particular men.

Up to the year 1902 the product of this company had been almost altogether cheap and medium grades, but in 1903 the company discontinued manufacturing cheap movements altogether, and have since confined themselves almost exclusively to the higher grade movements in seventeen, nineteen, twenty-one and twenty-three jewels.

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The Illinois Pocket Watch Company is well described in this story written in 1913. In 1879 the center building was erected 40 x 50 feet, four stories high; in 1880 the South Wing, 30 x 100 feet, was completed. They were called the Stuart, Bunn, Miller, Currier, Hoyt and Mason.A pleasing feature of the remaining space on the second floor of this building is a Rest and Club room for the women employees of the company.The room is fitted up with appliances for serving lunches, with tables and chairs, a piano, and an emergency room for use in case of illness, and is in charge of a matron regularly employed by the company.Testimony as to the perfection of the railroad grades manufactured by this company is furnished by general watch inspectors on many railroads - perhaps even a greater authority is that of the National Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., where in competitive examination with product of other factories, out of eleven watches accepted, ten were form the Illinois Watch Company's factory.

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