Dating filipina girls hong kong sex

However, being a British ex-colony, as a foreigner you are not that special. And forget finding a Hong Kong girl if you are twice the age and you are neither wealthy nor successful.

I had to send many disappointed friends home, who thought that they could find a cute girl in Hong Kong as easy as in Thailand.

In a city where work is the mantra, you cannot afford to spend your valuable time for housework.

They all seem to agree that Hong Kong girls are either way out of their league or they hate their materialistic preferences.

You don’t have to learn Cantonese, even not a little bit and you have all the western comforts you can find at home.

And while some of these men have dated Hong Kong women or even have been married to one, they have a very negative attitude towards them.

After having a nice breakfast you would go into the MTR – our superior subway system – and we would head to Wan Chai for an afternoon of partying and drinking.

In the MTR we would already see them staring and giggling at us, and heading the same direction as us.

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