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" when something doesn't comply with her in the game.

When she is found in an awkward situation with a flirty character she'll ask if they're coming onto her, then say eww.

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Rather than making its mystery a question of lore, it delves into the psychological potential of the video game as blackbox, reacting to user input but unknowable and not quite predictable, a well into which stones are dropped without the certainty of hearing a splash.

The timer feature sounds sadistic - it jumps forward a couple of percentage points whenever you perish - but is pretty gentle by the standards of video game Doomsday Clocks.

It pauses during dialogue or when reading menus, and on Normal difficulty, I had no trouble reaching the final boss (with time for the odd detour in search of a secret room and a new mantra) before the Corruption swallowed me.

Lucahjin specializes in Let's Plays by using special toilet humor in awkward moments of gaming. " as her catch phrase in every Let's Play she has made.

She's well known for her first date jokes, her voice acting towards different characters, as well as saying "Sir!

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