Dating cast iron cookware

Englishman Abraham Darby is credited with revolutionizing cast iron cookware; in 1707, he patented a method for casting iron into relatively thin pots and kettles, a process that made them cheaper to produce.With three feet on the base and a heavy, handled lid, these early pots were used for cooking over live fire and were most akin to the types of Dutch ovens used today for outdoor cooking.Here's how it became such an indelible part of the American culinary story.The oldest cast iron artifacts date from early 5th century B. China, in the Jiangsu province, and such tools were widely used in the region by the 3rd century B. Cast iron slowly made its way to Western Europe, likely via the Silk Road, and wasn't an important material until the 14th century A. In Europe, it was mainly used for artillery until the 1700s, when it started to be used for bridges and building construction, as well as for cooking pots.

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Kate is also an avid rock climber and occasionally dabbles in long-distance running.Pre-seasoned skillets allowed home cooks the ability to get cooking in cast iron without much thought, but they couldn't replace a long-coveted heirloom.These pans, while still great pieces of cookware, simply function differently than, say, an old, well-loved Griswold.Towards the end of the 19th century, three iconic American cast iron cookware brands were founded, cementing the pan's popularity acrosss the country.Founded in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1865, the Griswold Manufacturing company was, for almost a century, the leading American manufacturer of cast iron cookware.

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