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During World War I, Case sold the Navy 81,000 knives for 39 cents each.

During WWII, Russ offered his employees dependable transportation to and from work in company “Case Cars,” also saving gasoline, oil and rubber in a time of rationing.

Print materials such as old company catalogs, magazine ads and even the literature included in the box with a Schrade knife are excellent ways to pinpoint the creation date of a Schrade knife.

Such paperwork usually includes images and details that come in handy when determining the age or even the specific type of Schrade knife, in the event the knife is worn, broken or too damaged to identify it easily.

Co” on the first two lines, followed by “Walden, NY” on a third line, with “Germany” beneath it.

From later in 1904 to 1917, the company spelled out “Schrade” in an arc, with “Cut.

This stamp, located near the base of the knife blade, identifies the brand of the knife.

Old Timer knives’ values vary greatly from one to the next, depending upon how rare and desirable they are.

Schrade released several anniversary-edition knives over the years, which look almost exactly the same as the older originals.

After Schrade closed in 2004, Taylor Brands bought many of the trademarks and reissued some of the more popular Schrade models.

They ran the business out of their father Job’s home, and even though the patriarch of the clan never actually made a knife, they put his face and birth year in early advertising because they believed that 1847 and the mature visage of Job made the company appear older and better established. Russ, as he was known, was a natural salesman, and when his uncles realized he was making more money selling the knives than they were building them, they issued an ultimatum: Russ must take a pay cut or leave the company. Platts and Sons, another cutlery company that was struggling.

The current company was founded by John Russell Case, who started out working for the brothers, including his father W. Russ left and with his brother-in law Harvey Platts formed what became W. With Harvey’s knife-making skills and Russ’s salesmanship, Case became a household name.

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