Dating a crazy woman Free sexvideo chating

You can’t just them — 50% of what you own (and then some) will be in their pocket.

Crazy women are irrational, and if you try to divorce them they get even and they’ll take you for everything you’re worth.

The “man law” is that you have sex with the crazies and marry the great ones. Just wait until she’s pregnant for nine months, and all the hormones are kicking in.

You don’t marry the crazy ones, because that crazy woman is going to turn into the crazy mother of your children one day. Let me tell you, even the sane ones are insane when they’re pregnant.

And after 20 years of coaching, I’ve discovered the golden keys to success in dating, business, health and wellness, and life.

” It might be hot right now that she’s willing to do all these crazy things, including having her best friend over for a three-way.From my side, I can watch the relationship from another side, and it is really hard to watch my friends getting in different situations because their crazy girlfriends!I'd rather marry a Glenn Close from Fatal attraction type of woman then marry or have none at all.It really sounds fun at the begining, and I really think that after some time it should be exhausting.I have a couple of friends who are in relationships with crazy girls, and what they told me is that they are in it because the sex is great.

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