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Tractored along the line to smooth transitions, and helped the contractors move cement (easier in a tractor bucket than lugging many 80lb sacks around).

Fencing work isn't really done - there's supposed to be decorative post toppers on the pasture fencing, and another gate on the other side of their property (not my issue) Contractors started two days late, then spent a day at a different worksite, and then haven't quite finished here, but weren't here today...

That was scarey - they sent me the template for the ID so I could add my photo and name/info.

No personal verification at all - and one of my gigs was in a financial institution after hours. Fence contractor cut a made-to-fit wooden gate after constructing it, and didn't cut on the line I drew and specified. So gap was closer to 3/4" - too wide for the door-like latch to reach the receiver.

Unless you have full synthetic fluid, brake fluid is hygroscopic - it attracts moisture.

So, over time, you invariably end up with a little bit of water in the lines.

Would be awesome if you could fill 'er up, and print a test pattern and use a colorometer to provide feedback as to colour rendering so that the printer/driver would work reasonably.

Lose the cap after r1 another transistor the cuts power to r with its ? On VOut with a cap and resistor there to keep the cutoff transistor from triggering before it's had a chance to discharge for 3s 1-0so fatman1683 Just because this plugs in, dosent mean it cant cause a fire. Cut metal stock for gate stop and standoff for the handle (through-gate D handles).

most electircans will charge 50-100$ to check it out and fix it up if its minor mistakes.

gurki: an isolated device in a locked cabinet in a locked room.

if I can't stop people from going and plugging it into an enabled port on an unrelated switch with that setup, it's just that someone hired money sysadmins.goals for tonight: search a bit more for LED strip options (or several ~3W LEDs) and PWN controllers to go with them, continue searching for cheap small quantities of various kinds of wire, figure out which 2 or 3 types of diodes I can live with for now, find any other general-purpose components I've forgotten, Scott Kevill: there's very litle info on that chip, its an "order on request" i.e.

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