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She also is a fill-in anchor and news anchor on Today and Weekend Today.

For those who need more confirmation that our political parties do not care about our religious minorities, here is Professor Abul Barkat’s study on the Vested Property Act.

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Uh, not that I would know from being an avid Abby reader or anything.

I'm wondering how to get involved in a life of international intrigue, where people drive cars really fast and no one goes to the bathroom. Do I have to be in the right place, at the right time, and what time is that? Check out Jack Bauer with his schmancy watches that along with telling very good time, also untie ropes and torture people from the Middle East. I read a dear Abby column today where a guy finds a hearing aid behind his wife's pillow, but neither he nor his wife is hearing-impaired.

Abby said, wisely, that he should check that out and maybe, um, ask her?

How, when and why Hindus became enemies after living in Pakistan as citizens for 17 years was never really clarified.

But then again, this was our thick-headed, Sandhurst educated friend (not master! Following Bangladesh’s independence, Mujib’s Awami League government- the Epitome of "Dhormoniropekhkhota", the Protector of the "Minorities" - reconstituted the act in 1974 calling it the Vested Property Act. Needless to say political-economists would have had a lot to say about the reasons behind such a move.

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