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I don’t see anything…”’ The Fades considers the concept of souls going ‘up’ or staying tethered to Earth but deliberately distances itself from the idea of organised religion. ‘If you try and link it to some religion you have people going: “Oh, that’s not right,” with their Bible open. Your energy has to stay in the world somehow.’ Kaluuya is in familiar company on The Fades.

Let’s just chuck some imagination at it.’ Does he believe in ghosts? It’s penned by fellow Skins writer Jack Thorne and features third-series star Lily Loveless as Paul’s twin sister.

Paul’s sister Anna (Lily Loveless), on the other hand, is a dismal caricature with dialogue as poor as her attitude.

And, though I probably shouldn’t say this, wearing a suit and having a gun is wicked.

I felt a bit like Bruce Willis.’ Following that will be crime thriller Welcome To The Punch, alongside James Mc Avoy.

‘I did enjoy it but it was hard work – boxers are the fittest people on Earth. It’s still there.’ The boxing training proved redundant for his role in the forthcoming Johnny English movie.

As Agent Tucker, his job is to keep Rowan Atkinson’s hapless spy in check.

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