Daddydom chat

They are there to protect, guide, nurture and love their little.While in some D/s relationships, the Dominate may order their submissive frivolously for their own pleasure, a Daddy will order or set rules for their little based on nurturing goals and what is best for their little. Daddies like little's based on their own personal likes and dislikes and what they find attractive.He understands that it becomes increasingly difficult to be possessed by someone you do not respect. It takes strength to control her, and to shape her to His needs and desires.It takes strength to be her confidant, her shoulder, her anchor. Height-5'11" *Please use tips when you are asking us to do things.A Daddy-Dom is simply the Dominant partner in a D/s relationship. He needs to know she can hold her own in the outside world and still submit to Him.

There is a big difference between Daddy as a title for a Dominant in a D/s relationship and Daddy as a title for a father.He knows that this makes discipline a priority in their lives, His discipline is more important than in some other D/s relationships.In order for the lilgirl to really trust, she must know He means what He says.This balance is necessary to many lilgirls because it allows all parts of her to be nourished, leading to an incredibly fulfilling relationship.I think most Dominants have a bit of the Daddy in them, taking on the role of Male authority figure in the submissive’s life and using their power to enrich that life.

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