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(It is also much more of a useful education project for Laura, but she didn't know that at the start).

NOTE: The way this guide was written will require you to use a relative path to specify the header files you wish to include.

very rare to see a post with explicit code and explanation From the theory to the implementation of steepest descent, Hessian and formulations in 7 and 8 is carried out concisely in your code.

Could you show some references for these implementations?

This means that the 12V power supply only has to go to the oven, and we can provide a 5V switching signal from the arduino to control the heater using the transistor: Heater plate with resistors attached, along with power transistor to control the heater current.

Note that we had to disconnect the transistor heat sink from the plate because grounding it to earth switched on the transistor, so we had an over-heat fault on first commissioning - the arduino tried to switch off the heaters, but they continued at full power - at least we proved that we can get the oven to just over 90deg C...

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