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More and more Telegram clients appear, built by independent developers using Telegram's open platform.

You can use Telegram on smartphones, tablets, and even computers.

We have apps for i OS (8.0 and above), Android (4.1 and up) and Windows Phone.

You can also use Telegram's web version or install one of our desktop apps for Windows, mac OS, and Linux.

To do that, you can generate code through our code-generator and add that to your site. To login at your registered nickname, type Change chatroom to what your chatroom name is and make sure there are no spaces in the name, as IRC does not recognise them.

If, after creating your chatroom, you would like to have a "robot" present, then you have two options: Either a ready made bot from our botlist or a custom made one for which you will have to create a bot ticket in our support system, and add all the details as described in our requestform .: Make sure that (in case you do not have m IRC) you have a website with a box similar to the one above, otherwise your chatters cannot find your chatroom. Enter that complete line, and your nick will be registered and usable.

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Telegram is supported by Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai.As a result, Telegram combines security, reliability and speed on any network. Most of the developers behind Telegram originally come from St.Petersburg, the city famous for its unprecedented number of highly skilled engineers.You can appoint admins with advanced tools to help these communities prosper in peace.Public groups can be joined by anyone and are powerful platforms for discussions and collecting feedback.

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