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I always thought we had a good sex life but I don’t know what to do as I feel betrayed and numb. On the other hand, it might mean that she is bored with the marriage and with sex within the same relationship. But beware of giving any ultimatums like: 'if you don't stop this, the marriage is over'. My best suggestion is to say to her that you are aware of her Internet habits and that you feel this shows that the marriage is in trouble - and that you'd like her to agree to come to Relate with you to discuss any marital difficulties you both have in the hope that you can resolve them.

Today he apologized for having work deadlines he needed to focus on, for tossing me a binky at my request that I failed to catch, and for the baby waking up early. Carolyn, I'm tired of reassuring him these things are OK.

My wife and I have always had different personalities — she is more dramatic and emotional, gets exhausted more easily and is more sensitive to things. But I find that her self-care routine takes a lot of time and money, and now that we are considering having a child, it makes me wonder if she would need even more.

True self-care isn’t just layering an avocado facial mask on top of a stressed body and mind.

It makes me sound like a shrew, but each time I perform this little bit of emotional labor it feels more exhausting. I want him to apologize for something big and damaging to our relationship -- rare between us, thankfully -- and drop the constant apologies for nothing.

This also makes me feel like he thinks I AM some shrew he needs to placate constantly.

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