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In the United States, 37 states have, proclaimed bestiality as a crime.As per records until 2005, in the US there were animal brothel farms, where people allowed to have paid sex with animals, including sex with female dogs.

A male dog after having sex will reach to a “stuck” stage, where is unable to pull out his penis because the penis will swell inside the uterus and shall lock within the vagina.

Due to the increased accidental deaths, during bestiality, prompted the authorities to take actions and introduced the bills to ban bestiality. Any unnatural sexual fixing is perversion; this is what one side of the argument who oppose bestiality.

There is every possibility to have sexually transmitted diseases from animal to human, which are zoonoses.

It will be a difficult situation, and the woman has to allow the cooling time to have the stuff unlocked, which may take nothing less than 30-40 minutes.

That is the reason; you have to be careful while sexually engage with a male dog unless you have enough time for cooling down, do not risk yourself. Your desire, how to have sex with your dog did not disturb you, and you have no guilty feeling having sex with your dog, then you are right in your terms.

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