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When added as a channel moderator or banned from a channel, you will now receive a notification. Next to be released is emojis & being able to change the color of your text.

You try to dust off and find a small red note safety pinned to your jacket kindergarten style. Founding members: Ur Super Her0, Fl SHFl NGERS Members: Trenemadox, Craig, Jimminychristmas, Alanwrench, bmryan, Theredrose5, Moosemousse, surfsup69, starmisty90, Oh My Carrot Cake ITS ABOUT SUMMER TALK ABOUT YOUR SUMMER AND THIS IS SOME RULES : IF YOU CUSS ALOT YOU WILL GET A WARNING THEN IF YOU MAKE FUN I WOULD IGNORE YOU AND THE DO OTHER THINGSWELL YOU KNOW WHAT COME NEXT OTHER PERSON IF YOUcreated by,''JAMES ADDO'' :this is a chat for all conversations ,but not only disrespectful chats,also a creative chat that can help us all for a better world,better friend lovers of life and justice ,try if you can , ALL participants must be modest in mind yet cool and uninterruptible conversation◄♥► This secluded temple is set deep in an ancient forest far from worldly distractions and drama.

You have a story to tell, my friend, the story you will create and share will no doubt be a great one.

Here is a screenshot with some helpful notations that show how to use various features like attaching pictures, using emojis, viewing the user list, editing your profile, changing font or theme colors and much more.

Since this image was first created we have incorporated the use of webcams and there is now a button which activates audio and video capabilities which are also available on your mobile phone.

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