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- the plugin itself does not mention that the -I option needs 2 -w and -c variables.

and I have a small request as well; on virtual machines using lvm you often have a lot of 'disks' attached but most of them are loopback and virtual devices, if you add an option no-fake-disks-for-me-no-sirree (or a shortcut for that), you could loop through the devices in /sys/block/ and use readlink to remove the virtual devices from the list.

“We estimate over 100 people have been involved in developing the plans over the years, and the School of Arts has invested about 0,000 in hard cash and in-kind to get to this stage.” Eurobodalla Councillor Phil Constable has congratulated everyone involved.

# service httpd start groupadd centreon useradd -g centreon centreon cd /usr/local/src/ wget

id=4264 tar -zxf centreon-2.4.0gz cd centreon-2.4.0 export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/nagios/bin/" # create an answer file with the following contents: vim ./answer # ## Cent Web: Web front Centreon for Nagios PROCESS_CENTREON_WWW=1 ## Cent Storage: Log and charts archiving.

However, I can't seem to reach the owner by email at [email protected] get a "550 5.2.1 This mailbox has been blocked due to inactivity" error message. In the shell all works fine,but i can't show it in the WEB-GUI(Of course before that I added the plugin to the and reload the nagios service.) Whats is the problem here? Check CPU is presenting problem, does anyone know what they have to modify the script?

/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_linux_-C -w 90 -c 95 CPU OK : idle 99.50% |idle=99.50%;90;95 user=0.00% system=0.00% iowait=0.50% steal=0.00%check_linux_stats v1.5 Usage: /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_linux_-C|-P|-M|-N|-D|-I|-L|-F|-S|-W|-U -p -w -c [-s ] [-u ] [-V] [-h] -h, --help print this help message -C, --cpu=CPU USAGE -P, --procs -M, --memory=MEMORY USAGE -N, --network=NETWORK USAGE -D, --disk=DISK USAGE -I, --io=DISK IO USAGE -L, --load=LOAD AVERAGE -F, --file=FILE STATS -S, --socket=SOCKET STATS -W, --paging=PAGING AND SWAPPING STATS -X, --ctxt=CPU CONTEXT SWITCH -U, --uptime -p, --pattern eth0,eth1...sda1,sda2.../usr,/tmp -w, --warning -c, --critical -s, --sleep -u, --unit %, KB, MB or GB left on disk usage, default : MB REQS OR BYTES on disk io statistics, default : REQS -V, --version version number ex : Memory usage : perl check_linux_-M -w 90 -c 95 Cpu usage : perl check_linux_-C -w 90 -c 95 -s 5 Disk usage : perl check_linux_-D -w 95 -c 100 -u % -p /tmp,/usr,/var Load average : perl check_linux_-L -w 10,8,5 -c 20,18,15 Paging statistics : perl check_linux_-W -w 10,1000,1 -c 20,2000,20 -s 3 Process statistics : perl check_linux_-P -w 100 -c 200 I/O statistics on disk device : perl check_linux_-I -w 10 -c 5 -p sda1,sda4,sda5,sda6 Network usage : perl check_linux_-N -w 10000 -c 100000000 -p eth0 Processes virtual memory : perl check_linux_-T -w 9551820 -c 9551890 -p /var/run/Cpu context switch : perl check_linux_-X -w 6000 -c 70000 -s 2 Uptime : perl check_linux_-U -w 5 Hi, There's a small bug in v1.5 on line 62: "if" should be "elsif" otherwise the -C (check_cpu) option will always show help.

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