Bloomington normal dating singles

They look to be well maintained, newer apts out along the SE edge of Bloomington in an area that's pretty safe and clean.

You shouldn't have to worry about crime or your safety there.

I am really nervous that I am going to be bored outta my mind, please share any information as to what is there to do in this area currently?

I don't know the Brookridge Heights apartments too well, but I haven't heard anything bad about them.

There used to be one in Bloomington called the Castle Theater, but I'm not sure it's still open.

Celebrate with us Research led by Distinguished Professor Bernice Pescosolido showed that college students who participate in activities that honestly address mental illness are significantly less likely to stigmatize people with these conditions.

Some of these (like Daddio's) are a good place to catch a few bands on the weekends.

If you're into arts/cultural things, there's the Normal theater, a refurbished art-deco theater that runs classic & art movies.

B-N for the most part is pretty safe, but just like any place there are bad areas of town, but you'll learn where those are pretty quickly.

As far as Bloomington-Normal (B-N) goes, it is a pretty nice place to live and one of the better choices in Central Illionois for a young working professional.

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