Billy crudup claire danes still dating

For those who don't remember, he left a very pregnant Mary Louise Parker. Do you think she used her age at the time (twenty four) as an excuse?

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There are two types of people in Hollywood -- those who are nice to the extras and those who aren't. Ok, so I wanted more dish on Hugh and I actually stumbled upon a couple interesting tidbits that came up in a totally unrelated search. There was a link to an article and pap shots, but the site seems to have been scrubbed since then. Someone linked to an article about Hugh and Claire's engagement that detailed his shenanigans during filming of Evening. [quote]Dancy took his time deciding if Danes was the one for him.

It was surprising to find out he's so publicly dated women.

I've known people in acting that have the same feminine/androgynous vibe as him.

Now the big booties have stole all the thunder from quasi-emo angst ridden girls like Danes. Crudup was doing Godot & No Man's Land in rep with Patrick Stewart & Ian Mc Kellan.

As per the Parker/Cruduo breakup, karma will be a bitch, Danes. The quirky, spastic moves on display in "Homeland" are on display in real life too, apparently.[quote] Funny how Crudup's career took the hit, but Danes's recovered. The producers threw a party and I managed an invite.

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