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This is a list of those: observations we've learned to trust over the years that should help you work, rest and play with more confidence.1 |If you want someone to agree with what you're saying, nod and maintain eye-contact while speaking to them.Their brain will read your nodding as you agreeing with them and they will likely follow social behaviour patterns and nod back.utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=social_sharing_blog&utm_content=sharing_buttons&via=runtastic"Are you new runner? Have you decided to start running to improve your fitness?

Schedule your training so you run one day and rest the next.You're not going to use the information (unless you plan to write them a poem) – it's just a technique to achieve the optimum amount of eye contact, which people find friendly and confident.4 | People always have the clearest memory of first and last thing that happens, while the middle becomes a vague blur.*** Sascha Wingenfeld Sascha, health trainer & active triathlete, has been coaching runners from beginners to professionals for over 10 years.You can change the background colour by going into Options and then picking the respective colour scheme.

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