Before updating clients bios

Command lines get logged and there is nothing like having a password in clear text sitting in a log file.If you would like to see better handling/log file suppression, then head on over to User Voice and vote up Secret task sequence variable value Exposed.Neither one of these methods are ideal for automation with Configuration Manager.A bin file is downloaded to the cache (or TS working directory) at some point in the process and you do not need the password in order to make changes (including clearing the password) as long as you have the bin file.I am not advocating to not use BIOS passwords, you should absolutely be using them in order to lock down settings that should not be changed (like Boot Order).You may have to get clever and write a compiled exe that masks the password(s) in your environment (yes – I know that even this can be cracked depending on how it is done, but at least it is more secure than clear text log files or bin files).These are the only three vendors that I will be covering, but I will gladly take donated test systems of other vendors you would like me to test. Usually you password protect something in the first place in order to make it secure.However, the flash BIOS utilities will take the password as a command line parameter or in some cases (HP) a bin file.

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Because of certain limitations with some vendor systems, plus the fact that Configuration Manager can only have one boot image assigned to a task sequence and that you need to use the correct boot image architecture to boot a UEFI system, then you will need to have a separate task sequence to handle the bare metal/break fix scenarios (or better yet, pressure the vendor into supporting 64-bit Win PE).This is going to be 64-bit for modern PC systems (within the last four years or so).Long story short, be sure to check with the vendor of the models that you currently support in order to handle those exceptions (or get rid of them and buy something you can support).If it is not suspended prior, Bit Locker will detect a change to the system, and then be prepared to enter the Bit Locker recovery key upon restart.It is easy to suspend Bit Locker but keep in mind the native Configuration Manager step only suspends Bit Locker for one restart.

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