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One of the nice perks of Seeking Arrangement is that they have a fairly open and robust free trial.First, it only takes about 2-3 minutes to have an account created and be looking at matches in your area.Seeking Arrangement is on top of their security features, though, so this shouldn’t be a real concern at all.A few additional things you should know about the Seeking Arrangement cost structure and how their programs work.1. This means that if you don’t want to continue with the site once you’re done with your membership term, you will need to un-check this option.You can even request to see member’s private photos if you’d like.The only thing that you can’t do with your free trial is interact with other members.

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First, the site is a niche site that is catering to affluent and wealthy individuals as well as those that are looking for people that fit into that wealthy category.

It’s put on there as a convenience for you, but we can understand if you don’t want it to automatically happen.2. This isn’t our policy, it’s theirs and we just wanted you to be aware of it 🙂3. Keep this in mind because your renewal date is not going to be the same every month.

If you purchase on February 1st with the monthly plan, your next renewal date is not going to be March 1st.

Most major credit cards should have no problem with this, though.

Just a heads up for your benefit.) Overall, we’re pleased with the flexibility in payment options.

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