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Rachel's son had gotten her worked up enough that a steady stream of her juices was flowing from her pussy into her son's mouth and down his chin.He swirled his tongue around the opening of her hole for a little while before letting it march upwards towards the soft nub of her clit.He lapped at her pussy while she moaned, grinding her hips into his face.Jason noticed the sweet slick liquid that had flowed from his mother's pussy had become thicker and tasted mustier.The heat from her body and the thick pungent perfume of her arousal bombarded him as he watched her quivering pussy inches from his face.All Jason could see was his mother's wet, pink flesh and the small tuft of matted down curls above her pussy.

Rachel's sweat-soaked thighs clamped down around her son's face as she came.He committed every fold and crease of her pussy to his memory, knowing that he would spend the rest of his life jerking off to the image in front of him.Suddenly, her body slumped down over him as she slid down from her perch."I need you to fuck me like the dirty slut that I am." Overcome by the moment, Jason shocked himself by what he said next. Looking up, he saw her head thrown back and her long, brown hair dangling down behind her back as she supported herself on locked arms against his chest. His cock was now fully buried inside of his mother. Jason slowly pulled his cock back, inch by inch he retreated from his mother's tight, wet pussy."Oh yes, your cock feels so good." Rachel moaned as her son filled her cavity. A soft moan escaped Rachel's lips as her son's cock slid from her dripping pussy.

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