Are poje and weaver dating

It is unclear what — if any — role, conscious or otherwise, off-ice portraiture plays in how judges, fans or potential sponsors view skaters.

But top competitors do not appear to be taking chances.

SOCHI, Russia — Each ice dance and pairs figure skating team at the Olympics will have no more than seven minutes of ice time, if they are lucky, to prove to a panel of judges and the world that they are a single unit, a duo that can twizzle, trot and leap harmoniously as one.

But year-round and off the ice, several teams have embarked on campaigns to project an image of unity.

They have skated as pirates, clowns and a prince and princess.

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Special memories for sure.'' A month earlier, Weaver and Poje finished fifth at the figure skating world championships in Saitama, Japan.

Visit the website of the Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the defending Olympic champions, and you will find images that seem as if they should be accompanied by a Save the Date notice and a bridal registry.

The two look longingly into each other’s eyes, frolic through a pond with fishing lines in tow and blow bubble gum together.

The German ice dancers Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi have long prided themselves on their unusual costumes, routines and offbeat image, in and out of competition.

In the team event at the Games, Gazsi performed as a bespectacled nerd, with Zhiganshina as a high-society lass.

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