Are chelsea and daniel dating

Coming off as Abby’s sweet and innocent best friend, Chelsea was surreptitiously encouraging Abby to smoke, drink, and lie. Chelsea hasn't always been the “good girl” she seemed to be.She also learned that Bo was in serious danger when his pancreas started shutting down.Chelsea desperately feared that she would lose her father.

Worried that they would be charged with murder, Chelsea and her sorority sisters decided to hide Ford's body (with the help of Max Brady), and deny that anything happened.The truth eventually came out but Chelsea's grandfather, Victor, convinced Ford's father not to press charges.Nick and Chelsea once again reunited and when the story-line in Ireland wrapped up, Chelsea learned that her grandfather, Shawn Senior, had died a hero on the plane from Ireland.That would prove to be a fatal mistake, as Chelsea, taking her eyes off the road while text messaging, “hit something.” Later she learned that the “something” she hit was her half-brother, Zack.Zack died from the accident and Chelsea was sure she’d be in deep trouble.

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