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John Parker and his men, who lacked sufficient knowledge of the Comanches' military prowess, were caught in the open and unprepared for the ferocity and speed of the Indian warriors.They managed to fight a rearguard action to protect some of the escaping women and children, but soon all of the settlers retreated into the fort.Originally, her middle name was Ana, but over the years, her name was changed to Ann.When she was nine or 10 years old, her grandfather, John Parker, was recruited to settle his family in north-central Texas; he was to establish a settlement fortified against Comanche raids, which had been devastating to the Euro-American colonization of Texas and northern Mexico.All of the other captives were released over a period of years as ransom was paid, but Cynthia remained with the Indians for nearly twenty-five years. She was adopted by a Tenowish Comanche couple, who raised her as their own daughter.

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Although he fell off his horse, he was still alive and refused to surrender.The Parker family, its extended kin, and surrounding families established fortified blockhouses and a central citadel—later called Fort Parker—on the headwaters of the Navasota River in what is now Limestone County.John Parker, the patriarch of the family, had experience negotiating with various Indian nations going back to the 18th century, when he was a noted ranger, scout, Indian fighter, and soldier for the United States.Historians conjecture that when he negotiated treaties with the local non-Comanche Indians, he believed those treaties would bind all Native Americans.If so, this was a tragic mistake., composed of Comanches accompanied by Kiowa and Kichai allies, attacked the community.

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