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Her parents Nancy Lee and Jeffrey Arthur Palicki raised her with her elder brother, Eric, a comic book writer. When she was in her high school, Palicki became the homecoming queen runner-up.

And [director] Brian Helgeland gave me lines that Chadwick didn’t know were coming.

Types of things I don’t think I practice on a daily level.

I just wanted to be able to honor who Ben Chapman, who was an actual person.”On getting into character.“I didn’t like it. Saying those words, honestly, I’m a pretty typical, sensitive actor guy and so being hostile like that—I got tears in my eyes.

Tudyk plays Philadelphia Phillies manager Ben Chapman, an “unapologetic racist” who spends most of his time on screen screaming obscenities at Robinson, portrayed by Chadwick Boseman.

Tudyk spoke to PARADE about preparing for the role, his role in didn’t go that far.

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