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Keep in mind that you and your prom date don't need to be twinning to look like a couple.If you plan on wearing fire-engine red from head to toe, for example, that doesn't automatically mean that your prom date also needs to be sporting fire-engine red from head to toe!The key to dividing the expenses (and avoiding any potential awkwardness) is discussing the details and sharing your expectations with your prom date well before the big night.Brainstorm possible expenses together, such as the tickets and transportation, so you can make spending decisions together.While not necessary, matching your prom date can be pretty simple and fun.Not to mention, coordinating your outfits offers a consistent look for pictures…(worthy of both your Insta-story and your parent's mantlepiece).Either way, securing a prom date well in advance allows you and your date plenty of time to coordinate your prom attire.Need some prom dating advice on popping the question? Who pays for prom costs depends upon the circumstances.

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Splitting the costs with a date makes a huge difference!Transportation to prom is an easy split if you're going in a limo or a party bus. It's generally proper etiquette for the passenger to chip in for gas, so if that's you, feel free to offer.On the other hand, if you volunteer to drive, don't ask your prom date for cash, but be ready to graciously accept a contribution, if it's offered.Attending prom with a date means that you'll have someone to talk to and dance with throughout the evening.Asking someone from a different school to join you at your prom might even have a boomerang effect: getting to go to a second prom!

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