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The afternoon ceremony at Los Angeles' Luxe Sunset Boulevard hotel was officiated by Bllboard and Hollywood Reporter contributor Fred Bronson who read the lyrics to John Lennon's "Grow old with Me" from a sunflower-bedecked altar."It was solemn in places, funny in others," said Bronson the day after. It was an uplifting, celebratory vibe throughout."Some 230 guests were in attendance including fellow "Idol" alums Elliott Yamin, Kevin Covais and Michael Johns.

I wanted to fix myself so that he would take me back, but I didn’t understand what to do.

Sex was such a removed topic for me, even when it was happening all around me.

One friend of mine had already done it with his girlfriend.

There was even a girl in one of my classes who was pregnant.

want to be pregnant, but it didn’t occur to me that I wasn’t interested in having sex until I dated my second boyfriend. He chose to date me over the other girls as if I was the best deal at a grocery store.

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