Accommodating tests

Accommodations are changes in the way a student takes a test, without changing the actual test itself.

Using accommodations can be complicated - the goal is to find a balance that gives students equal access to the test, but does not make the test content easier.

For students with disabilities to be successful on these assessments, the first thing they need is instruction in the standards-based content covered by the assessments.

Assuming they have had this instruction, with support provided through special education services and strategies described in the instruction part of this website, they need an opportunity to show what they have learned on a test - with access that is equal to the access provided to students without disabilities.

Alternative Testing accommodations provide access to course tests, mid-terms, quizzes, final exams, and other assessments.

Most common alternative testing accommodations are provided within the departments.

In-person group training is available at the start of the fall semester, and individual training is available at other times of the year. I work with the Mc Burney Disability Resource Center and am approved for disability-related accommodations.

An emphasis on improvement might not take place without illuminating where students are having the most difficulty.For example, in some states, using a "not okay" accommodation results in a test score that is not counted, or it might even affect the kind of diploma that is awarded (if the test counts toward earning a diploma).Each state has guidelines for the use of accommodations for accountability assessments.Clicking on any of the titles in the next section will open a page of more detailed information.Classifying Accommodations as "Okay" or "Not Okay" When choosing assessment accommodations with a particular student, it is important to look at state policy to determine whether the accommodations are considered "okay" or "not okay" to use.

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