Accommodating persons with

The ADA defines disabled individuals as those who Additionally, under the ADA, the disabled person seeking employment must be otherwise qualified for the position.Furthermore, the person should be able to perform the position’s most essential functions.He has developed and delivered hundreds of “diversity and inclusion” initiatives worldwide.John’s powerful ability to convey his message of the value and importance of diversity and inclusion has been cultivated over a lifetime.

Participants will be provided with practical tools/tips to facilitate the development of a more inclusive, barrier-free work environment that promotes the participation of persons with disabilities.

In a situation where a person is unwilling to share this essential information, it may not be possible to provide the most appropriate accommodation.

Make a request for accommodation directly to the organization to which you are applying for a job.

Working on the federal level, the ADA applies to enterprises with 15 or more hired employees.

However, state or local regulations may have lower employee thresholds.

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