Accommodating employees with breast cancer mb dating

Factors facilitating work return were a positive attitude from co-workers and discretion over number of hours and nature of work undertaken.Most work-related factors, particularly physically demanding manual labour, hindered return to work.Each had relatively small sample sizes ranging from 235 to 296 survivors.Findings from these studies are difficult to summarize as different sets of measures were used.While the evidence suggests that many survivors will be able to return to work, this is likely to vary significantly by cancer site.Feldman [2–4] identified cancer site as an important variable in this context in the late 1970s.

Of these [5, 10, 14, 15], three were from the USA and one was from The Netherlands.Cancer and paid work should thus be assessed in the context of individual priorities and values.‘Cancer’ refers to a heterogeneous group of diagnoses with a range of prognoses.With improvements in diagnosis, treatment and survival rates, the impact of cancer on paid work is of increasing importance.The following article provides an overview of the published literature examining the (i) rate of return to work for cancer survivors, (ii) models for understanding return to work after cancer survivorship and (iii) factors associated with return to work rates (Figure 1).

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