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According to a self description, the base teaches the leaders how to lead, the soldiers […] USAG Kaiserslautern is located in the Rhineland-Palatinado region, in the southwestern part of Germany.

The military base is, therefore, relatively close to the borders with Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

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It is part of a large city, which is also the capital of the administrative region with the same name.

It is located in Stuttgart, in the Baden Wurttemberg province, in a place well known worldwide for brands like Porsche or Mercedes.

The base is surrounded by four other camps that are also run by the Americans – Kelley, Patch, […] As one of the almost 50 American bases located in Germany, USAG Wiesbaden hosts almost 15000 individuals. Although the amount of inhabitants would easily place this base among the highest populated ones in the United States of America, in Germany it is seen as a regular sized […] The Landstuhl Medical Center is not just one of the multiple bases operated by the United States in Europe, but also the largest one located outside the country.

Not active anymore USAG Mannheim is a military garrison located in the southern part of Germany, about 100 km away from the famous Mercedes and Porsche city Stuttgart.

It is an American garrison, but run under the German regulations.

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