100 unlimited dating 2016

We're trying to get a further clarification on this point.

It is understood that they want to give 4 lines for 0 and not 5. Meanwhile, https:// Braxton Carter earlier this month said T-Mobile is making big subscriber gains in the fourth quarter.Starting tomorrow, December 1, get that holiday vibe for your tribe with 4 Cricket Unlimited 2 smartphone lines with unlimited high-speed data access, talk and text for just 0/month*.With Cricket Unlimited 2, you can enjoy all your entertainment, like streaming music and video, (video streaming at SD quality) and surfing the web. For existing customers who change plans, discount may not start until next billing cycle. The discount on the 3rd and 4th line is to match Metro PCS four lines unlimited plan.It seems that there's a lot of moves to reduce Cricket's usage of it...Maybe to free up limited space for "real" AT&T users?

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