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This data suggests that hotspots may not be as deep as previously thought and may not be permanently fixed in one spot.

Wolfe acknowledges the importance of the new find, but believes it will take much more work to truly explain how her thermal plume and the “pancake” of hot rocks are related and how they provide the heat source for Kilauea and the other active volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands. Nothing in earth science is perfect,” Wolfe observed.

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They could find no evidence of a single thermal plume.Instead, they found a “pancake shaped” layer of abnormally hot rock in the crust only about 403 miles beneath the surface, well above the mantle.Temperatures were 300 to 400 degrees C (572 to 752 F) hotter than expected at that depth.Marriage equality is an ongoing battle, although some gay couples are reporting themselves as married.The map unfortunately takes heterosexuality as a given, and I just plain can't think of a way around it. Feel free to cast your lot with New York Economic Development Corporation or the number crunchers at Trulia. I live in Brooklyn, write a newsletter that makes you a more interesting person, and run a school for the curious. Second year of college I got a D in statistics from talking too much to the girls who sat front of me.

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