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Malaysia’s foreign minister, Syed Hamid Albar, said Benedict’s apology was “inadequate to calm the anger.” In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood said the anger should not be allowed to hurt ties with the Middle East’s Christian minorities.But worries among Christians in the region are high.“His comments really hurt Muslims all over the world,” Umar Nawawi of the radical Islamic Defenders’ Front said in Jakarta.“We should remind him not to say such things which can only fuel a holy war.” Malaysia says apology not enough Islamic countries also asked the U. Human Rights Council to examine the question of religious tolerance.The caricatures, which Muslims saw as insulting Muhammad, set off large, violent protests across the Islamic world.

Islamic leaders around the world issued more condemnations of the pope’s comments, but some moderates in the Middle East appeared to be trying to put a damper on the outrage, fearing it could spiral into attacks on Christians in the region.For many years under the previous pope, relations between Catholics and Muslims were quite strong.We would hate to see anything harm that relationship,” Hooper told Music of Gustav Mahler will open the 123rd season of the Czech Philharmonic.The newly appointed chief conductor and music director Semyon Bychkov will conduct Mahler's Symphony No.

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